#1 My "Snow" Fruit Salad

After watching Jamie Oliver's Eat To Save Your Life yesterday, I realised that even though I tend to avoid consuming salt and meats (I only consume chicken in very small portion), use very lil oil (I have never deep-fried my meal, often stir fry and boil) and eat more grains, nuts and drink skim milk, but my diet habit is still not healthy. Why?

Simply because I don't eat enough veges and fruits.

Well, a cliche reason that many people often have is because they are busy and don't have enough time to prepare healthy meal, including I myself. Hey, I am human too! XD Even though I have been interested in learning about nutrition and cooking, but it seems that I forget about the importance of not just avoiding non-healthy food/ingredients, but also increasing the frequency of consuming healthy food/ingredients. So, to cut in short, this simple-non-consuming-time "Snow" Fruit Salad is my attempt to fix my bad habit! ^^

My "Snow" Fruit Salad

1/2 Fuji apple (or any small-size apple)
1/2 Naval orange
1/2 banana (short one)
10-15 blue grapes
4 strawberries
1-2 tbsp Whole Milk Natural Creamy Yoghurt (or your favorite yoghurt)

1. Wash all fruits except banana.
2. For apple: peeled off the skin and cut into small cubes. For orange: cut into slices according to its natural line. For banana: cut thinly and diagonally.
3. To serve: make a circle with a hole by place the orange slices in the large bowl and giving some space in the center. Add the apple cubes inside the hole. Then, carefully place the grapes in between the orange slices and apple cubes. Place strawberries on the top of apple cubes. And place banana slices outside the circle of orange slices. Finally, create the "snowy" atmosphere by adding yogurt on the top of fruits.

1. You can use any fruits that you like. More variations are better (that's why I insert "My" in the title ^^).
2. The yogurt I use is plain and sour, so I balance the taste by combining it with sweet fruits. If the yogurt you use has flavor and sweet, and you don't have sweet tooth, choose fruits with low level of sweetness or sour fruits.
3. Decorate the fruits as creative as you like :D
4. I only have this for my dinner (and snack - it's very fulfilling!) so the quantity is a bit higher than the quantity for normal dessert and the measurement is not that accurate.

P.S: Sorry for the poor picture. I can't transfer all photos taken by my Docomo to PC :(

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