Decole Red Riding Hood "Umbrella" Mug / Tea Diffuser Cup

I sooooooooooo want this mug!

Love at first sight if you want to call my experience *laugh* but honestly I have been searching for a mug that I really really want because I don't bring my own mug to Australia and until now there is no mug in here that can catch my attention (same case with the wallet). For me (or normally for a girl?), personal stuff should be things that we really like, that we think special, and more importantly they describe our taste and personality. This mug, actually doesn't really "me" *laugh* It's too girly and very childish, I admit. However it reminds me with something, something precious to me that makes me like this mug, or well, particularly the theme: The Innocent Red Riding Hood with the Evil Wolf (but actually the wolf looks cute rather than scary XD)

The mug is produced by a brilliant company in Japan, Decole Co.Ltd. You may want to check their creative products here. It will be awesome to have all of their products for my future house *laugh* The mug has being sold anywhere outside Japan too, including U.K and U.S.A (e.g. Japanese Gift Market). However since the shipping fee is expensive from those countries to Australia, so I found an online website (yes, only one) in Australia selling this mug.... for $48!!! *faint* Here is the link.

I know that it's very rare for me to find a mug that I really like, and it's very lucky to have an online shop in Australia selling it. But, it's very expensive isn't it. I am pretty sure the mug will be sold out soon if I don't grab this chance. However I don't like to spend my mom's money for things that aren't related to my study. My plan to work part time job won't happen somewhere around this time (I am busy with my exam). Hmmm... どうしょうかな~

More pictures:

WHO can't resist on having a cup of hot green tea with this CUTE mug?! ~>___<~

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